Come see what’s growing on at Terra!

Terra is Latin for earth. Earth provides the nutrients to feed the world. Terra at CSU Spur brings agriculture to life, allowing people to understand where their food comes from, the challenges that lie ahead as the global population grows rapidly, and how we can all participate in shaping our food future.

What you’ll do at Terra

  • watch researchers testing temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide variables to maximize crop yields inside growth chambers
  • observe entrepreneurs and CSU scientists developing meat, dairy, and fruit and vegetable products in state-of-the-art food labs
  • take a community cooking class in Terra’s teaching and culinary kitchen
  • be chef or food scientist for a day in the kids’ mock kitchen 
  • walk the green roof and check out the rooftop greenhouses, showing hows urban spaces can be used for plan and food production
  • visit the Agricultural Diagnostic and Analytical Services labs, offering soil, water, and plant analysis as well as plant and insect identification
  • enroll middle-school and high-school students in CAM’s Ag Academy for immersion in complex problems and potential solutions around food and agriculture
  • seek an advanced degree in food innovation and entrepreneurship through the new Master of Agribusiness and Food Innovation Management program, with classes at CSU Spur
  • supplement learning with food and agriculture exhibits throughout the building
  • get your photo with the art at Terra, including works by local artists Patrick Marold and Sandra Fettingis

CSU Spur partners on site at Terra

The North American Agricultural Advisory Network (NAAAN) is a formal network supported by high-level agriculture leadership in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. focused on improving, advancing, and linking agricultural advisory services in North America. Through its membership in the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS), the NAAAN connects with its counterparts around the world. The NAAAN is hosted by the Colorado State University System and offices out of CSU Spur campus, working to meet global grand challenges around water, food, and health.

Together We Grow is a national industry consortium for the U.S. Food and Agriculture sector, building the workforce that will feed the future, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion across a membership that includes many of the largest agribusiness interests in the United States, academic institutions, NGOs, and governmental institutions. Together We Grow champions best practices that advance cultures of belonging, engages with members to build inclusive pipelines of talent that will drive future innovation, and elevates awareness of the dynamic, STEM-forward careers offered within the U.S. agriculture industry. While Together We Grow will office out of the larger Hydro building, it works closely with partners in Terra.

Terra is designed by Anderson Mason Dale Architects