Spur your curiosity

CSU Spur’s programs inspire youth to tackle real world problems through hands-on, experiential education. At CSU Spur, we want students to see themselves as leaders in their homes, schools, and communities — and we want to broaden their exposure to careers so they realize they can be anything they want to be! CSU Spur’s rotating programs connect children to scientists, researchers, veterinary experts, and faculty through live demonstrations, hands-on experiments, and interactive experiences. The future needs these young people, and getting students interested in food, water, and health starts now! We look forward to hosting your group at CSU Spur!  

Please note:
  • Reservations are required to bring a group to CSU Spur.  
  • All CSU Spur education programs are FREE to school groups.  
  • Transportation (bus) reimbursement is available for qualifying schools.  

Connecting youth to our future

CSU Spur is made up of three buildings, each with unique and ever-changing educational programs that allow children and families to connect to food, water, and health.  

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In the Vida building (open January 2022) students can observe live veterinary procedures on dogs and cats, horses help with human therapies, and horses build their strength or rehabilitate on underwater treadmills. Vida will provide opportunities to learn about animal and human health through active observation and engagement. 

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In the Terra building (open spring 2022) students will connect with where their food comes from by learning about the sustainable food system, controlled agriculture, urban gardening, nutrition, and getting hands-on in an on-site teaching kitchen.

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In the Hydro building (open November 2022) students can connect with Denver Water researchers evaluating water quality, learn about water conservation and sustainability, and take their own water samples and learn about natural environments. An outdoor backyard garden space provides a place for exploration and connects students to the nearby South Platte River.

Free educational experiences

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Classroom Programs and Guided Tours

Visit CSU Spur in early 2022 for programs focused on animal health. Programs at CSU Spur will offer opportunities for students to engage with veterinary staff leading animal surgeries, virtual reality animal anatomy experiences, and demonstrations of how horses can support human physical and mental health.

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Self-guided Experiences

School groups are welcome to visit our facility for self-guided tours and experiences. Groups and chaperones will be provided maps and exhibit guides, and tours can be arranged to meet the needs of your group.

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Virtual Programs

The CSU Spur team is building virtual program offerings to complement in-person experiences, and provide curriculum to schools that are unable to visit the site.

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Bring CSU Spur to Your School or community event

Can’t make it to Denver? Bring CSU Spur’s curriculum-aligned activities directly to your classroom by filling out the interest form below. 

Free STEM loaner kits coming soon.

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Bring your school group to CSU Spur

CSU Spur will open year-round and host its first programs in January 2022 when the Vida building opens.

Questions? For more information, please email csuspureducation@colostate.edu.  We look forward to receiving your questions and inquiries, and we will strive to respond within three business days.