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Call for art

CSU Spur is looking for two artists to create mixed media pieces as part of the What Water Means To Me art exhibit, to be on display in the Hydro building when it opens in January 2023.

A Denver art destination

Eight large-scale permanent art installations will open at CSU Spur in 2022, ranging from murals to sculpture to pieces that inspire education and play — each bringing something fresh and unique to the city. 

The CSU Spur art collection features artists from around the world, and additional temporary exhibitions will allow new art discovery.

Interested in watching artists at work? Visit the Hydro building when it opens in January 2023 to see artists work in-studio at CSU Spur. 

ARTIST >> Anthony Garcia, Sr.
TITLE >> Whirlpool
MEDIUM >> Paint

ARTIST >> Priscilla De Carvalho
TITLE >> Animals at Play
MEDIUM >> Ceramic tiles

ARTIST >> Jason Bruges
TITLE >> Rotation Index
MEDIUM >> Interactive lighting
LOCATION >> Terra/Hydro bridge

ARTIST >> Shane Allbritton & Norman Lee
TITLE >> Vital Rhythms
MEDIUM >> Wood

ARTIST >> Sandra Fettingis
TITLE >> Tomorrow’s Food
MEDIUM >> Aluminum and acrylic

ARTIST >> Nikki Pike
TITLE >> Crescendo
MEDIUM >> Concrete

ARTIST >> Patrick Marold
TITLE >> The Bale
MEDIUM >> Stainless steel
LOCATION >> Terra plaza

ARTIST >> Eric Tillinghast
TITLE >> Swirl
MEDIUM >> Water