CSU Spur is supported by the entire CSU System team.

Lauren Bína headshot
Lauren Bína

Educational Exhibits Coordinator
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Jim Bradeen headshot

Associate Vice President for Spur Strategy, CSU Fort Collins

Rachel Brard headshot
Rachael Brard

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, CSU Fort Collins
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Cheryl Bruns headshot

Administrative Associate
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Kerri Wright Platais headshot
Kerri Conway

Special Advisor to the Chancellor & Director of International Agriculture
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Jeremy Davis headshot
Jeremy Davis

Director of Events
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Stefanie Ebo headshot
Stefanie Ebo

Manager of Events

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Brian Elizardi headshot
Brian Elizardi

Director of Community Impact and Innovation, College of Business, CSU Fort Collins

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Lindsay Evens headshot
Lindsay Evens

Manager of Events

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Director of the Food Innovation Center


Corrine Hinton headshot
Corrine Hinton

Education Associate (Americorps member)
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Jocelyn Hittle headshot
Jocelyn Hittle

Associate Vice Chancellor for CSU Spur & Special Projects, CSU System
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Stefan Karg headshot
Stefan Karg

School Programs Coordinator
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Michelle Kelley headshot
Michelle Kelley

General Manager 

Casey Kennedy headshot.
Casey Kennedy

Lead Education Facilitator
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Kristin Kirkpatrick headshot
Kristin Kirkpatrick

Managing Director of Spur Partnerships and Advancement 
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John Langston headshot
John Langston

Building Maintenance Manager

Tami McDonald headshot
Tami McDonald

CSU Spur Special Assistant
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Sarah Miley headshot
Sarah Miley

Denver Program Associate
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Adrienne Sedlak headshot
Adrienne Sedlak

Education Manager
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Tina Srdic headshot
Tina Srdic

Administrative Associate
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Nicholas Trujillo headshot
Nicholas Trujillo

Food Innovation Center Operations Manager
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Kathryn Venzor headshot
Kathryn Venzor

Director of Education
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Mo Walsh headshot
Mo Walsh

Education Staff and Volunteer Coordinator
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