CSU Spur is supported by the entire CSU System team.

Emily Amedee headshot

Content Manager, GMSO Project

Jim Bradeen headshot

Associate Vice President for Spur Strategy, CSU Fort Collins

Jeremy Davis headshot
Jeremy Davis

Director of Events
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Director of the Food Innovation Center


Jocelyn Hittle headshot
Jocelyn Hittle

Associate Vice Chancellor for CSU Spur & Special Projects, CSU System
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Michelle Kelley headshot
Michelle Kelley

General Manager 

Kristin Kirkpatrick headshot
Kristin Kirkpatrick

Managing Director of Spur Partnerships and Advancement 

John Langston headshot
John Langston

Building Maintenance Manager

Tami McDonald headshot.
Tami McDonald

Special Assistant
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Sarah Miley headshot
Sarah Miley

Denver Program Associate, CSU System

Greg Newman headshot

Coordinator for Engagement Technology

Rebecca Popara headshot
Rebecca Popara

Executive Assistant to International Agriculture and Together We Grow
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Kathay Rennels headshot
Kathay Rennels

Special Advisor for Rural-Urban Initiatives, CSU System
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Claudia Rodriguez-Ortega headshot
Claudia Rodriguez Ortega

Lead Education Facilitator

Adrienne Sedlak headshot
Adrienne Sedlak

Education Manager
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Nicholas Trujillo headshot
Nicholas Trujillo

Food Innovation Center Operations Manager
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Kathryn Venzor headshot
Kathryn Venzor

Director of Education
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Mo Walsh headshot
Mo Walsh

Education Programs Coordinator
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Lauren Weller headshot
Lauren Weller

Assistant Director of International Agriculture
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Kerri Wright Platais headshot
Kerri Wright Platais

Special Advisor to the Chancellor & Director of International Agriculture
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Thanks to the following individuals for their engagement with CSU Spur

  • Mohamed Abdelrahman, CSU Pueblo
  • Annie Albrecht, CSU Fort Collins
  • Sally Alexander, CSU Fort Collins
  • Brian Anderson, CSU System
  • Keelan Bailey, CSU Pueblo
  • Matt Bond, Denver Water
  • Yvonne Bridgeman, CSU Fort Collins
  • Kris Browning-Blas, CSU Fort Collins
  • Jodi Buckman, Dumb Friends League
  • Andrea Burns, National Western Center
  • Pat Burns, CSU System
  • Farrah Bustamante, CSU Fort Collins
  • Kelsey Bustos, CSU Fort Collins
  • Craig Cason, CSU Pueblo
  • Summer Clarkson, CSU Global
  • Coleman Cornelius, CSU Fort Collins
  • Jessica Cox, CSU Fort Collins
  • Tavia Danch, CSU Global
  • Heather Daniels, CSU Fort Collins
  • Adam Daurio, Temple Grandin Equine Center
  • Jennifer Dimas, CSU Fort Collins
  • Carol Dollard, CSU Fort Collins
  • Kellie Enns, CSU Fort Collins
  • Susan Faircloth, CSU Fort Collins
  • Enoch Fredericks, CSU Global
  • Anna Garber, CSU Fort Collins
  • Fred Haberecht, CSU Fort Collins
  • Thom Hadley, CSU Fort Collins
  • Denise Henry, CSU Pueblo
  • Chrissy Holliday, CSU Pueblo
  • Mike Hooker, CSU Fort Collins
  • Jenia Hooper, Denver Extension
  • Greg Hoye, CSU Pueblo
  • Wade Ingle, CSU Fort Collins
  • Ryan Janousek, CSU Fort Collins
  • Inger Johnson, CSU Fort Collins
  • Jason Johnson, CSU System
  • Sandy Jones, CSU Global
  • Chris Kawcak, CSU Fort Collins
  • Melissa King, CSU Fort Collins
  • Tiffany Kingrey, CSU Pueblo
  • Lauren Klamm, CSU Fort Collins
  • Amanda Kludasch, Dumb Friends League
  • Dan Loosbrock, CAA ICON
  • Anne Manning, CSU Fort Collins
  • Lauren McMaster, CSU System
  • Parker McMullen-Bushman, Denver Extension
  • Jason Meisner, CSU Fort Collins
  • Paula Mills, CSU Fort Collins
  • Rick Miranda, CSU System
  • Ashley Mohrewieser, CSU Pueblo
  • Bridget Mullen, CSU System
  • Blake Naughton, CSU Fort Collins
  • Allie Ogg, CSU Fort Collins
  • Ellen Olson, Denver Water
  • Brittany Pearce, CSU Fort Collins
  • Mary Pederson, CSU Fort Collins
  • Cristin Peratt, CSU Fort Collins
  • Laurie Peterson, Dumb Friends League
  • Jeff Piquette, CSU Pueblo
  • Haley Sue Robinson, CSU Pueblo
  • Alan Rudolph, CSU Fort Collins
  • Tracy Samora, CSU Pueblo
  • Paul Savory, CSU Global
  • Sandy Sheahan, CSU Fort Collins
  • Corey Slack, CSU Fort Collins
  • Donna Souder, CSU Pueblo
  • Apryl Steele, Dumb Friends League
  • Julee Stephenson, CSU Fort Collins
  • Ashley Stiles, Tribe Development
  • Mary Sweitzer, CSU Fort Collins
  • Becky Takeda-Tinker, CSU System
  • Leslie Taylor, CSU Fort Collins
  • Joan Thielen, Dumb Friends League
  • Amy Thomas, CAA ICON
  • Niki Toussaint, CSU Pueblo
  • Hannah Tran, CSU Fort Collins
  • Renee Wall, CSU Pueblo
  • Ashley Wilcox, CSU Fort Collins
  • Karen Woods, National Western Stock Show