A destination for all curious people

When a student walks into CSU Spur, they put into action what they’ve learned in the classroom. Adults connect their passions for food, the environment, and health and wellness with the latest research and innovation, or learn new skills in our kitchen and garden. Visitors have front-row seats to see scientists working on new technologies or watch experts grow food using advanced technology. Kids will press their faces to the glass as veterinarians care for animals. 

There’s so much to learn. Join us!

A girl smiles widely.

A place for student inspiration

CSU Spur is home to fresh, hands-on education for learners of all ages. Programs change regularly, ensuring that visitors have a new experience each time they visit. For students, day trips are offered in a variety of interactive tracks related to food, water, health, and art. At CSU Spur, all educational offerings are tied to grade-relevant curricula, and students have an opportunity to understand the true impact of human actions, and problem solve around pressing global challenges.

Three students study a cluster of plants.

A place for community

CSU Spur hosts classes, workshops, and events — open to all, and responsive to community-identified needs and interests. Every day at CSU Spur is different — the campus is a platform for CSU institutions to share outreach activities and for partner organizations to deliver public programs.

A man using a virtual reality headset.

A place for lifelong education

Continuing our dedication to educating all people — young and old, lifelong learners, and curious residents — CSU Spur provides certification, professional development, and continuing education programs in a variety of subjects. CSU Spur also offers specialized master’s degrees, like a Master’s in Food and Agribusiness Entrepreneurship with a connection to the CSU Spur Ag Innovation Center.

Three kids look at a sign in front of a rooftop garden.

A place for nature

Located on the banks of the South Platte River, CSU Spur is the perfect place to breathe in some fresh air and connect with nature in the city. Relax with a coffee in the Backyard at the CSU Spur Hydro building (coming Summer 2023), while a group of fourth graders run by in galoshes, headed to take water samples at the river with their teacher.

Two people standing in a river pour water through a sieve.

A place for research

CSU Spur is a place for the world’s foremost experts to work together toward solutions for humanity’s greatest challenges. A unique urban setting will allow researchers to discover new water treatment technologies, enhance soil health, and understand complex ecosystems. We’ll share their discoveries with CSU Spur visitors — connecting scientists directly with the public.

Inside CSU Spur, scientists will come together to tackle research issues in water quality, food safety and security, and the translation of veterinary medicine to novel treatments for human health. The CSU Spur campus will also have outdoor research opportunities around the revitalized South Platte River, community learning gardens, and green roof spaces.