101: Kitten Sculpture

The below content replicates the content of the physical exhibit at CSU Spur. It can be used for reference, language translation, and additional accessibility.

What is your cat saying?  

Cats use body language and vocalizations, such as purring and meowing, to communicate. Listening to your cat can help you give it what it needs. What is this kitten trying to tell you?


Kittens meow to their mothers. Adult cats meow to communicate with humans. A meow usually means your cat wants or needs something from you.   


Cats usually purr when they’re happy, but they can also use the vibrations from purring to soothe themselves if they are sick or upset.  


Cats don’t like to be surprised. Approaching a cat from behind where it can’t see you might result in a surprised and defensive hiss.  


Back away from a growling cat. Cats growl to let you know they are in distress, frightened, or annoyed.  


Associate Attorney, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

Ms. Becker has dedicated her career to the Navajo Nation and its natural resources.  She is currently serving as an Associate Attorney for the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority.  Prior to this position, she had the honor of serving as the Director of the Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources from May 2013 to January 2019, as an appointee of President Begaye and Vice-President Nez, after serving eleven (11) years as an attorney for the Navajo Nation focusing on water rights and natural resources issues.  Continuing her deep interest and passion for water, she serves on the Leadership Team for the Water and Tribes Initiative in the Colorado River Basin, as a Commissioner on the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission, as an appointee of Governor Lujan Grisham, and on the Navajo Nation Water Rights Commission, as an appointee of Speaker Damon.  Ms. Becker is equally passionate about supporting artists and serves as a Trustee for the Institute of American Indian Arts and Culture (IAIA), as an appointee of President Obama.  Ms. Becker is a member of the Nation and lives on the Navajo Nation in Fort Defiance with her husband and two school age children.

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