Learning from youth voices in GES

The Youth Action Team was created by a group of high school students invested in centering the voices of youth in decision making within the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea communities. The mission of the Youth Action Team is to connect youth to the CSU Spur campus and the National Western Center and its partners, and to work alongside them to learn from their experience and expertise. Youth are compensated for their time.

In 2020, the Youth Action Team focus was to build equitable professional pathways through an internship program that will benefit multiple generations in the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea communities. They also learned how to interview professionals about their careers and career paths in a virtual Job Shadow Series.

In 2021 the students created a brochure highlighting some of their favorite local small businesses to share with guests at the CSU Spur’s Community Sneak Peek event and other functions.

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A high school student talks about her experience conducting interviews for the Youth Memory Project to her teacher and a member of the Adult Champion Team.
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Since 2017



CSU System and Bruce Randolph School signed a MOU in 2017, after several years of working together. The commitment to the partnership has created a pipeline of each grade level engaging with the university in a different way – ranging from campus visits to in-school programs to college readiness work.



CSU and History Colorado collaborated with Bruce Randolph School freshmen and sophomores throughout a semester to create a Youth Memory Project, where students interviewed a close friend or family member and shared their stories of growing up in north Denver. The project now lives within the history archives at History Colorado.



Eleven youth were selected to be part of the first Youth Action Team cohort and developed an internship program — a community project that benefited the GES community, connected neighborhood youth to the National Western Center and CSU Spur, and set the framework for future Youth Action Team cohorts to continue engaging with the campuses.

Youth Action Team partners

The YAT Internship Program was created in collaboration with organizations on the Adult Champion Team (ACT). The ACT is a group of individuals from each organization that are committed to expanding internship opportunities in the Globeville, Elyria, Swansea communities. They are dedicated to hosting internships with their organizations and providing support to interns.

Interested in hosting an internship? View the FAQs for organizations.

Questions? Email yatyouthactionteam@gmail.com to learn more.