Share your water story

Help us engage new people in water – share a short video (30-90 seconds) to be part of the CSU Spur collection of water stories.

Some storytelling tips:

  • Make it visual: use images, or film your video at your favorite river or lake. Use the visuals to help tell your story and connect with your audience.
  • Connect with others: the best stories are about our shared experiences and goals and connect with your audiences’ emotions
  • Just the facts: while emotion is important, stay fact-based. The most effective stories rely on factual information and trust.

Find tips for shooting your video here.

Below are some examples of questions you could address in your video, but please feel free to share any water story.

  • How are you connected to water, personally? Professionally?
  • What is your water story?
  • How does water matter to your company? Your community?
  • What are you committed to doing around water conservation, water quality, or climate change?
  • Which water issues mean the most to you and why?

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Make a commitment around water

Companies from MolsonCoors to Coca-Cola to Leprino are making commitments around water!

Do you have a commitment you’d like to share to be featured at the 2021 CSU Spur Water in the West Symposium? Please email it to

Or, if you’re interested in making a water commitment and would like help formulating it or need partners, please contact Jocelyn Hittle, Assistant Vice Chancellor for CSU Spur and Special Projects, at