*funding available starting July 1, 2023

The following information is provided to help you develop a competitive proposal for your CSU Spur-based project. Consultation with your unit/collegiate CSU Spur Tactical Team Liaison and/or AVP Jim Bradeen during proposal ideation and preparation is encouraged. 

Logistical questions about this call for proposals should be directed to Jim Bradeen at jim.bradeen@colostate.edu. 

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A master plan for the National Western Center campus is available at the National Western Center website. We are happy to provide CSU Spur building plans as needed (please reach out to Jim Bradeen or Jocelyn Hittle). The CSU Spur project portfolio continues to grow and evolve. During the CSU Spur Expo 2022, Jim presented an emerging educational model for CSU Spur designed to tell a cohesive story about how Spur is the CSU System’s response to the evolving needs of society and our commitment to enhanced educational access. The Expo powerpoint and an audio recording are available for review above.

Current CSU Spur projects are supported by seed funding from the CSU System for a period of up to 5 years, with the expectation that other sources of funding to support the project beyond that initial investment will be identified by the project teams. Because much of the CSU Spur project portfolio is driven by the interests (and timelines) of project teams, we anticipate a steady state of project turnover in the future. But we have no preconceived expectations that any given project will continue or sunset on a given schedule. That said, there are some core activities we expect to have longer term potential given the tailored nature of some Spur spaces, e.g., equine therapy, controlled environment ag (in some form), etc.

Complete details are provided in the Call for Proposals document listed above.

Of particular note: a mandatory letter of intent is due 10/28/22; proposals are due 1/13/23. Note that projects must be reviewed and approved by your department chair or head (if applicable) and unit Dean. Budgets should be reviewed by your unit’s business officer. Please allocate adequate time for these reviews prior to the submission due date.

Funding is available in FY24 (starting July 1, 2023). Funding is available for up to 5 years, pending continuous progress towards project objectives.

Projects must be led by CSU staff or faculty acting within the scope of their assigned job duties. Outside collaborations are encouraged and budget resources may be used to support non-CSU employees where their contribution is essential to achieving the project objectives. Appropriate documentation may be required.

Yes, outside partners, including other universities are allowable. All projects funded through this granting mechanism must be led by CSU personnel. 

CSU Spur is a resource for the State of Colorado. But, ideally, the impacts of Spur will be felt across the globe. Projects that include impacts for Colorado and extend those impacts beyond our state’s border are welcome and encouraged.

Travel, housing, and food for participants in approved Spur-based programs are allowable expenses and are subject to university reimbursement rules and policies.

CSU Spur has many basic STEM experiential assets, including some microscopes, that can be leveraged for Spur-based projects. Please contact Kathryn Venzor for complete details on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, microscopes are among resources that can be funded through this program. While the Spur Education team has microscopes available for onsite school programs and programs for general visitors, they may not always be available if multiple programs require their use. Depending on your program, purchasing a separate set of equipment might be recommended. Contact Kathryn Venzor to discuss.

We are assuming this question refers to for-credit CSU courses. At present, all for-credit courses taught at CSU Spur are offered through CSU Online (even in person classes) and are subject to normal tuition policies.

Generally, fees are waived during this start-up period. CSU classes that are offered at CSU Spur as part of an approved CSU Spur project are not subject to space usage fees at this time. Fees might be associated with use of specialized spaces (like the theater), for events that require increased staff time, or for activities that are specifically profit-generating in nature. CSU Spur’s Events Director Jeremy Davis can provide input and advice on a case-by-case basis.

No, proposals will not route through OSP. Complete submission directions are specified in the Call for Proposals document above.

No. Letters of Intent will not be juried. We are requiring these letters (a) to alert the Tactical Team of the overall number of expected proposals so that an efficient and efficacious review process can be devised and (b) to identify early in the proposal process any teams with apparent synergies so we can encourage collaboration and/or offer advice for refinement. Receipt of Letters of Intent will be acknowledged via email but all teams submitting a letter of intent are welcome to also submit a proposal.

Proposals may be submitted by CSU faculty and staff working within the scope of their job responsibilities. Projects funded by the CSU System must be led by CSU employees (facuty or staff) or students. Projects may request funds for employees to manage and oversee funded projects.

CSU Online manages CSU courses NOT taught in person on the Fort Collins campus. At present, this includes CSU courses taught at CSU Spur even when those classes are taught in person. While CSU Online is the official way in which students will register for classes at CSU Spur, there is no expectation that instructors will deliver content remotely (unless that fits the instructor’s preferred pedagogical approach). CSU courses taught in person at Spur need not be taught in dual modality (unless that fits the instructor’s preferred pedagogical approach).

Fringe is an allowable expense for CSU Spur projects funded through this granting mechanism. Funds will be allocated from the CSU System to the appropriate unit on a quarterly basis. Specifically, at the end of each quarter your business officer will “invoice” the CSU System for funds that were spent in that quarter. Funds are committed on an annual basis but are not allocated as a single lump sum.

Funding is available from the CSU System for up to 5 years, with declining contributions from the System over the life of the grant. (Note that, similar to federally funded projects, adequate progress towards project objectives is an expectation for annual renewal during the 5 year period). Over the course of the project, project teams should actively and aggressively pursue other sources of support which may include investments from CSU units, philanthropic donations, industry support, grants, growing student credit hours, etc. There is no guarantee that base funding will ever be provided to any project from CSU or the CSU System.

The CSU Spur staff, your unit’s Spur Liaison, and Jim Bradeen are here to assist. Please reach out on a case-by-case basis. Consultation is especially encouraged for projects with long-term or tailored space needs.

We are still working on reporting expectations. Quarterly invoicing, coordinated through your unit’s Business Officer, is required. On a semi-annual basis (2 times per year), a formal progress report may be required. We strive to keep reporting requirements reasonable while still effectively communicating the impact of CSU Spur and the CSU System’s investment in the Spur project portfolio.

No. Space usage for continuing projects will not sunset with the end of CSU System funding. In general, spaces at CSU Spur are intended to be flexible usage, allowing multiple projects to sequentially use spaces (e.g., classrooms). If more committed space is required, please reach out to Jocelyn Hittle to discuss.

No, there is no specified space limit. Of course, CSU Spur buildings are finite in size. Our goal is to accommodate as many projects as possible. In general, spaces at CSU Spur are intended to be flexible usage, allowing multiple projects to sequentially use spaces (e.g., classrooms). If more committed space is required, please reach out to Jocelyn Hittle to discuss.

Funding for CSU Spur-based projects is at the pleasure of the Board of Governors, at the recommendation of the CSU System Office. We strive to make final decisions ahead of the July 1, 2023 start of FY24. On a case-by-case basis, we may be able to accommodate requests for earlier start dates. Please reach out to Jim Bradeen as needed.