205: Equine Health

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Horses are amazing animals with some remarkable traits. Let’s take a look at how they compare to humans.

How are we different?

  • Average weight: 180 lbs. for humans / 1,000 lbs. for horses
  • Heart size: 0.5 lbs. for humans / 10 lbs. for horses
  • Eye size: Horses have the largest eye of any land mammal! A horse’s eye is eight times larger than a human’s eye!

We’re also very similar

  • Length of pregnancy: approximately nine months for humans / approximately 11 months for horses
  • Number of bones: 206 for humans / 205 for horses
  • Fingernails: horse hooves are made of keratin — just like our fingernails — and they’re constantly growing.

What it takes to care for a horse

As appealing and fun as it sounds to own a horse, it takes a great deal of effort to maintain it. The minimum cost of horse care listed here starts at $3,000 per year!

Dental Care

A horse’s teeth are constantly erupting (or pushing up from the gumline). Their teeth naturally wear down as they grind or chew food, but sometimes sharp hooks or points develop that irritate the inside of their mouth. Filing or “floating” the teeth helps keep a horse’s teeth and mouth healthy.


You need to vaccinate your horse regularly to keep it healthy and prevent diseases.

Hoof Care

Just like your fingernails, a horse’s hooves are constantly growing. You need to trim them every six to eight weeks.


Horses can pick up parasites from the environment, like when grazing grass. You should check your horse for parasites and treat them with de-wormer, if needed.


A horse eats roughly 2% of its body weight daily. That’s 20 lbs. of food a day!


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