Spur is meant to be a verb – to “spur to action” creativity, innovation, and curiosity when people visit this new kind of access to higher education. Secondarily, Spur is a nod to the railroad tracks that are on the site and that Denver exists due to the addition of a spur on the railroad from Wyoming. Finally, the word is a small nod to the history of the site as home to the National Western Stock Show since 1906.

Vida is Spanish for life. To live is to be connected — to people, to community, to animals. The Vida building embodies this connectivity between human and animal life, as well as the connectivity of the Spur campus to the diverse cultures and Latinx ties within the surrounding neighborhoods of Globeville and Elyria-Swansea.

Terra is Latin for earth. Earth provides the nutrients to feed the world. Terra at CSU Spur brings agriculture to life, allowing people to understand where their food comes from, the challenges that lie ahead as the global population grows rapidly, and how we can all participate in shaping our food future. 

Hydro is Greek for water. Water is the source of all life, and as a headwaters state, Colorado’s water footprint impacts millions of people in multiple states and Mexico. Water flows much like culture — blurring physical barriers, creating life wherever it reaches, reaching far beyond its origins.

No. Spur is a verb, not an acronym, so it should never be fully capitalized (ie: SPUR).

The Spur logo with the campus icons is the primary CSU Spur logo and should be used unless it is being locked up with a campus logo (thus duplicating the campus icon), or if the area is too small and the campus icons will not print adequately.

For projects that are hosted at CSU Spur, but are largely connected to a campus or a department offering, your preferred department/unit/program logo or your university logo should be the primary logo represented. The CSU Spur logo (without campus icons) can be included as a secondary or locked-up logo element with your preferred department/unit/program logo or university logo.

Brand questions can be directed to your respective college communication lead, or you can email Tiana Kennedy, assistant vice chancellor of External Relations for the CSU System, at Tiana.Kennedy@colostate.edu and copy your college communication lead on the communication.

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Spur logos

The CSU Spur logo is available in three orientations: horizontal, vertical, and stacked. All three orientations are available in full color or “reversed” (white lettering for use on dark backgrounds); all three are available as .png files (for web) and .eps files* (for print).

*Coming soon

The CSU Spur logo with the three campus indicators (“bugs”) should be used by all external groups and all CSU groups NOT locking up the logo with their own department or campus logo. 

Horizontal CSU Spur logo with campus indicators
Stacked CSU Spur logo with campus indicators
Vertical CSU Spur logo with campus indicators

Download CSU Spur logos with bugs (right click to download)

The CSU Spur logo without the campus indicators (“bugs”) should only be used by CSU groups in conjunction with another CSU, CSU Pueblo, or CSU Global logo, or when the size of the logo placement is too small for the bugs to make an impact.

Horizontal CSU Spur logo without campus indicators
Stacked CSU Spur logo without campus indicators
Vertical CSU Spur logo without campus indicators

Download CSU Spur logos without bugs (right click to download)

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CSU Spur is a new, free educational year-round public life-long learning destination in Denver focused on engaging K-12 students, families, and visitors around food, water, and health. CSU Spur showcases the work of the CSU System campuses: CSUCSU Pueblo, and CSU Global, and offers degree programs that originate from the campus offerings. Spur is built upon the land-grant mission of access to education and the belief that students can be anything they want to be. To inspire learners of all ages to engage in important world issues, CSU Spur brings together scientists to collaborate, puts science on-display, and showcases career paths. The CSU Spur campus provides immersive learning experiences and cutting-edge research across three buildings: Vida, Terra, and Hydro. Learn more at CSUSpur.org.

Driving its goal to serve Colorado’s rural communities and increase access to educational opportunities for all, the CSU System’s fully online campus, CSU Global, fills a need for those living and working in rural areas that are farther from higher education institutions. The inconvenient travel distance contributes to lower rates of university attendance for rural students as opposed to their urban and suburban counterparts, as well as fewer opportunities to advance their careers and earn higher salaries. Online programs present a solution to the challenges many rural students face by providing a learning structure that allows for flexibility and affordability. CSU Global students can attend classes from the comfort of their homes and on their own schedule, as well as avoid student fees and on-campus living expenses. With CSU Global’s asynchronous course structure, all modern learns in rural and agricultural areas have access to high-quality education.